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Class Descriptions: 

Acro 1:  Mastering cartwheels, rolls, hand-stands, headstands, bridges    

Acro 1/2:  Mastering backenbend rise, front limber skills, chin stands, 1-handed cartwheel, 

Acro 2:  Must have a backbend rise, mastering on front & back limber skills, elbow stands, walkover skills

Lyrical:   The movements of a lyrical class have a strong ballet/jazz influence and teach dancers musical interpretation, expression and confidence. 

Toddler Class:  (Ballet/Jazz) These classes will be divided into equal sections of both Jazz & Ballet.  Students will focus on the fundamentals and basics of each form of dance.  Songs and dance appropriate games will be played to help encourage the students in all toddler classes.

Combo 2/3- 5:  Each week the students will be exposed to a different genre of dance such as Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop or Improve. These classes are not recommended for new or novice dancers.  Previous dance experience in that level is required.

Pre Pointe/Pointe Class:  By teacher Recommendation only. 



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