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Lynn Gelatka, Owner

My Story

This is my 17th year in business, but I have been teaching dance education for the past 25 years.    I have taught at various dance studios and choreographed for many dance teams both in Illinois and Indiana.   My dancers and dance teams have won incredible awards such as "ADCC Studio of Excellence Award", "Best of Show Awards," “Most Entertaining," "Choreography Awards," “Dancer of the Year," "National Title Awards", & numerous scholarships and recognitions.   


I am a well-respected dance team judge in the state of  Illinois. Currently I serve as the Head Clinician of Dance for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA).  I have been the Head Judge for the Dance State Championship for the past consecutive 9 years.   In 2015 I was selected out of 13,000 other officials to be named IHSA "Dance Official of the Year" for my outstanding judging and leadership qualities.  As Head Clinician,  I train other judges and coaches on the IHSA scoresheet and rubric. Currently, I am also a judge for the prestigious StarQuest Dance Competition.  In 2019 alone, I have judged over 2,000 dance routines around the country.  

I have 2 lovely girls and 1 awesome son, and an extremely supportive husband! 

I have a true passion and love for dance and I can't wait to be a part of your child’s experience!

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